Outsourced Therapy Clinic Procurement Solution

Whether you're starting, running or growing your therapy business, you want to keep costs low yet source high quality therapy equipment and products - that's what I enjoys doing and has been doing since 2010.

Outsourced Clinic Procurement Solution for the busy practitioners and clinics - let Nalco Rehab and us help you and your clinic, at no additional cost to you, to handle all your procurement-related activities and purchases.

Being a clinician therapist myself, I had very little time other than seeing patients, and I found it very time-consuming to pour hours and hours of my time sourcing for new vendors, communicating with them, comparing prices and quality, trying them and THEN deciding who to buy from.

save time, money and fixed salaries (A message from us)

It actually takes a lot of time and effort, and in the private rehabilitation, time is money - looking back, I should have spent less time on procurement and more time on hands on, but then again, I did enjoy doing procurement too hahaha!

Well, my experience with procurement is not wasted now with Nalco Rehab, where I can serve more clinics and clients who is looking for tried and tested quality rehabilitation and wellness products =)

The more I thought about it, the more that made sense for me, that surely other clinics and practices are facing the same challenges of too little time, or spending time on procurement that can and should be spent on more important activities, such as seeing patients or managing the work flow or operations.

Our team here in Nalco Rehab will do the hard work of procurement for the benefit of your clinic:

  • sourcing for newer and better quality products
  • communicating with the vendors
  • trying the products
  • dealing with defects
  • etc

We will work closely with you and your front counter or your procurement team, to ensure that your inventory is always topped up with inventory and never run short, and we will run through the processes with your team - at no additional costs to your clinic or practice - all that we ask is that you purchase through us, and we will take care of your clinic's procurement matters, no matter how many clinics you have.

This service is applicable to:

  • clinicians who have existing clinic(s), and who would like to free up their time to spend on tasks that are more revenue-generating and important. If you have an existing procurement team, we can also work with them to simplify and shorten their work processes

  • clinicians who are thinking of setting up their own practices, but aren't sure what they need to get for their rehabilitative and wellness inventory and consumables

If you're keen for me to help you with this, connect with us at  sales@nalcogroup.com or nigel@nalcogroup.com

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