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Heeeey there!

Thanks for visiting us at the contact us page - to get in touch, email either: sales@nalcogroup.com or nigel@nalcogroup.com

For any enquiries, product matters, product suggestions, or even just to say hi - we'll be more than happy to be able to serve you.


As we have 8 departments here, as a guide, contact -

Louise Yow (sales@nalcogroup.com) for all things:

  • Nalcohealth
  • Nalcobooks
  • Nalcohome
  • Nalcoplay
  • Nalcobusiness
  • Nalcoconsult
  • Nalcoventures

Any matters on human resource, press, marketing, website - please get in touch with me as well.

Thank you and talk soon!


want to enquire or order?

Interested in any particular product and would like to know more or order for yourself/family/group?

Email me directly at nigel@nalcogroup.com and I'd do my best to serve you =)

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Welcome To Nalco Group!

Hi, my name is  Nigel, I am the owner of Nalco Group (read more about me and Nalco here), or connect with me:






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