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Nalco Group (NALCO) manage, consult and operate physiotherapy / physical therapy, hand therapy, TCM / Traditional Chinese Medicine, massage therapy and craniosacral therapy clinics, specializing in

  1. orthopedic, sports and musculoskeletal pains and injuries
  2. bone, muscle, joint, tendon, cartilage and nerve damage
  3. common conditions would be back/neck pains, knee ACL or osteoarthritis, locked neck, sprained ankles, wrist sprains or fractures, jammed fingers, mummy's thumb -- anything physical injuries or pains, that's what we specialize in =)

We have been operating and managing these practices since 2008, and we have built a successful chain practice from that was acquired for 7-figures and are owner-operating another chain practice that started in 2018 (Phoenix Rehab).

Because of our experience as pain-relief physiotherapists and hand therapists since 2005, we have curated and hand picked a list of helpful products and supplements that can help individuals directly to 

  1. self-treat their aches and pains for mild cases using

    a) the fitness / rehab product we carry or
    b) the pain-relief, joint and health supplements we're affiliates for

  2. if it's more serious or if the pains and injuries are persistent, and if they're in Singapore, they should consider visiting Phoenix Rehab Physio & Hand Clinics to get their pains and injuries professionally assessed and treated (or if they're in another country outside of Singapore, to visit the closest doctor or physiotherapist to them).

Who We Are (Short Version)

My name is Nigel, and together with my better half Louise, we started our entrepreneurial journey in 2008...and made all the mistakes in the book.

As we learnt through life, business, corporate and financial growths and mistakes, we consolidated our ideas and later in 2018, I formed Nalco Group to take my interests and vision further and higher to serve customers and partners better. 

Read more about us and NALCO here.

The Nalco Way

We build people and businesses on a joint venture model as we discover opportunities to grow. As entrepreneurs and business operators, we provide the know-how as well as operational, management and leadership support.

We also pursue and nurture partners and partnerships based on values, character as well as mutual trust and benefits, which leads to strongly aligned and long-lasting relationships.

Working with us is done with open transparency, communications, commitment, sincerity for mutual long-term benefits: everyone must win, because if one wins and another loses, it won't be sustainable, scalable or even fun.

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