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Xtend Life Zupafood For SKIN

5 Star - 10 reviews

Zupafood for SKIN

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A great tasting, proprietary blend of skin nourishing marine collagen, elastin polypeptides & ingredients to hydrate, nourish & promote radiant skin from the inside out.

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Combining Superfoods and Collagen For Younger More Radiant Skin

Zupafood™ for SKIN is arguably the most effective ‘beauty from within’ supplement on the world market today. Red grape skin extract and various superfoods are well known for the benefits they can provide your skin and general health.

But when they are combined with special clinically proven collagen and elastin polypeptides, then you can expect a quantum leap in results.

This is what Zupafood™ for SKIN is: an oral supplement that is a quantum leap ahead of 'normal’ collagen or other ‘beauty from within’ supplements.

To get maximum results from such a ‘beauty from within’ product it also has to address the general health of all the organs in your body...not just the skin.

There is inter-dependency between the various organs. This is why our R & D team at Xtend-Life also addressed the overall health of the body in addition to specific nutrients targeting of the skin.

Your Skin Is The Largest Organ In Your Body

It is easy for us to forget that our skin is the largest organ in our body! Ironically, often when we think that we are looking after it, we may in our efforts to hydrate and moisturize it, actually harm our other organs and systems by using skin care products that contain potentially dangerous chemicals.

This is why Xtend Life developed their skincare line with the philosophy that all ingredients must be ‘safe to eat’.

If the basic foundation of your skin, more particularly the dermis, is not properly nourished it will start breaking down the collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin cross-link together giving the skin its tensile strength. When they start breaking down, this unfortunately results in wrinkles, sagging and unhealthy looking skin.

To help ensure this does not happen to you, Xtend Life have incorporated CollactiveTM marine collagen and polypeptides in our Zupafood™ for SKIN. This nutrient alone has been clinically proven in human trials to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help mature skin build lift and a firming cushion.

Xtend Life have included 2,000 mg of Collactive™ in every serving of Zupafood™ for SKIN. This is the same daily dose rate which gave the results in the clinical studies.

Collactive™ Marine Collagen and Elastin Polypeptides

Collagen fibers form 70% of the total proteins found in the dermis. When collagen fibers cross-link – they give skin the tensile strength of steel.

Elastin fibers create suppleness and elasticity. Combined – collagen and elastin create the perfect 'dynamic duo' for supporting smooth, soft, strong and supple skin!

Low levels of collagen or a reduced amount of elastin causes skin to lose strength and flexibility. The result? Wrinkles and skin aging!

Collactive™ is composed of low molecular weight marine collagen and elastin peptides in the same ratio as the dermis in human skin.

Collactive™ combines the two main constituents of the extracellular matrix and has an anti-wrinkle synergic action: elastin fibres give the dermis suppleness that completes collagen fibres tensile strength.

key benefits includes

  • Reinforces skin hydration. A 3 month clinical study involving women over 40 showed Collactive™ collagen increases the hydration of the epidermis – the layer of the skin that’s more prone to aging!

  • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They may not completely vanish – but it sure makes those lines harder to see! In a clinical trial there was a reduction in the number of deep wrinkles of 19% in the group taking the oral dose of Collactive™ compared to the placebo group.

  • Help mature skin build lift – and a firming cushion. Collactive™ collagen and elastin polypeptides support the dermis to lift and tone sagging areas of the skin..

  • Create protective shield against harsh weather. Trials found that Collactive™ helped provide protection for the skin against environmental elements.

Other Information about Collactive™:

  • Collactive™ was developed with respect for the environment, and the diversity of the marine world.

  • Collactive™ stems from the recovery of natural raw materials.

  • Collactive™ is extracted from by-products generated by activities
    linked to the marine world and therefore represents sustainable use of marine resources.

  • The extraction procedures used during the manufacture of Collactive™ call on natural reactions without organic solvents

For General Health

We mentioned earlier about superfoods being included in this supplement because of the importance of good general health. Xtend Life have developed our own special superfood blend of New Zealand super fruits, all harvested locally.

This Xtend-Life blend consists of kiwifruit powder, a special extract of kiwifruit, grape seed extract, grape juice powder, red grape skin extract and apple fiber.

To learn more about this blend read below for more details about the ingredients.


Kiwifruit has a number of health benefits. Our New Zealand superfood blend contains kiwifruit in two forms (Kiwifruit Extract and Kiwifruit Powder). One as a freeze-dried powder and another in the form of a special extract which provides highly concentrated actives, including phenolics and enzymes, which help support healthy digestion. We use both of these forms in our Kiwi-Klenz supplement product.

Grape Seed Extract

The Grape Seed Extract used in the Xtend-Life superfood blend is all produced in New Zealand from grapes harvested in the Marlborough area of the South Island.

The UV light from the sun is very intense and amongst the strongest in the world (due to the low level of ozone above New Zealand). As a result, nature has adapted the grapes grown in this region to have greater antioxidant concentrations than grapes grown in other parts of the world.

This is nature’s way of protecting the grapes. Also, the extraction process used for these grapes uses only water, not ethanol. Ethanol is the method used primarily in other parts of the world, and unlike this unique water extraction process, ethanol extraction destroys some of the valuable elements of the grape seed.

Red Grape Skin Extract

This is a quite a unique grape skin extract, and it is rarely used in supplements because very little is produced. What makes it different?This is grown in New Zealand, and the extract is produced from non-fermented grapes.

Usually grape skin extract is produced from the skins of grapes that have already been fermented during the process of making of red wine. This means that they have lost their deep purple color and have been bleached white. Ethanol is also used in the extraction process.

The grape skin extract that Xtend-Life uses is from non-fermented grapes and uses a unique water extraction process. Laboratory tests on the extract prove that the extract contains 20 actives while ‘normal’ grape skin extract only has around 4!

For Additional Energy

As with all Xtend Life Zupafood™ family of products we have included a high quality green tea extract with natural caffeine to help stimulate a mild natural ‘buzz’. Plus it provides other general health benefits. We include 75 mg of this extract in every serving.

Green Tea Extract

Along with general health benefits, the Green Tea Extract in our Zupafood™ delivers a natural energy boost. That is because one of the actives in green tea is natural caffeine.

However this green tea extract contains a low dose of caffeine that doesn’t cause the “jittery” effects associated with caffeine found in coffee – yet still gives you an energy boost. Additionally, green tea extract contains the amino acid L-theanine –that helps improve your mood.

Studies show that combining caffeine and L-theanine can have positive, synergistic effects – giving you a mild, natural “buzz” to keep you mentally and physically focused.

For Your Bones

Because many of Xtend Life customers who use this product are women, and because bone health is important to most women, they have included an excellent bio-available calcium from a plant source.

This gives you the calcium equivalent of eating 120g of cooked spinach each day without the inconvenience. Over 500mg of Aquamin® TG is included in every serving, combined with Calcium Ascorbate providing you 166mg of Calcium

Aquamin TG Marine Calcium

Aquamin® TG Calcium is extracted from a marine plant source that is rich in natural calcium, magnesium and 74 other trace minerals including zinc, iron and selenium. 

Aquamin® TG Marine Calcium is produced from the red algae, Lithothamnion species – which is only found in three remote areas around the world.

During its growth phase, these algae absorb essential minerals directly from the sea – giving Aquamin® TG its unique and potent multi-mineral content.

Extra Enhancement for Your SKIN

To make Zupafood™ for SKIN even more effective, Xtend Life have also added a low molecular weight L-Glutathione along with Vitamin C and additional red grape skin extract in the formula. 

Glutathione benefits include powerful antioxidant and skin support properties.

They use a very high quality small molecular size Glutathione (as we use in Total Balance) to help overcome this problem. They put in extra (100 mg) per serving because Glutathione is sensitive to stomach acid, so some of it is lost in the digestion process. (This is why Xtend Life enteric-coat their Total Balance to protect sensitive nutrients).

Some marketers claim that Glutathione will help whiten the skin.

There is not enough evidence to support that claim but there is evidence supporting its efficacy in helping support the healthy appearance of skin.

Only Natural Flavoring

Zupafood™ for SKIN is supplied in convenient packets in powder form because the dose is too high to put in capsule...it is equivalent to around 16 capsules. Just tear open a packet and mix it with water in the shaker supplied with your first order.

Collagen and superfoods are not pleasant to drink on their own and we had to use flavoring to make it pleasant to drink. To get an acceptable flavor is not easy but, we were under strict instructions from our Founder and Chairman Warren Matthews NOT to use anything artificial.

He didn’t care how much extra it cost, but he insisted that they use natural flavors only. So, the Xtend Life team had to develop our own special natural flavors using real fruit by spray-drying the fruit and concentrating it so they could end up with a great tasting product. After many trials, they successfully developed natural flavors for all Zupafood™ products.

For Zupafood™ for SKIN, the flavor is Blueberry…made from real blueberries!

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Xtend Life Zupafood For SKIN customer reviews

5 Stars - Works wonders for my skin! Laverne S on Feb 16, 29

My Name is Laverne Seaman, I am a 38 year old Mum of two and a Personal Stylist.

Training as a Stylist with Angela, I have learnt a lot more about the importance of good skin care habits, and the importance of supplements to further enhance our skin and overall health. I have a very active lifestyle and have, as most of us spent a large part of my life outdoors enjoying everything our beautiful country has to offer.

Unfortunately, my skin is now starting to pay the price. I had noticed how my skin was starting to age and I decided to start looking into ways to slow down the aging process. I also needed to find a product that would be as natural possible.

I started taking Zupafood for Skin, as recommended by Angela Stone, 3 months ago and can only rave about the effects. Not only has it done wonders for my skin, it has given me more energy. My skin which was looking very lack-lustre is now full of colour and has a glow to it.

I feel energised all day and don’t hit mid-afternoon and feel exhausted like I used to. I love that it is a New Zealand made product. Xtendlife is fast and efficient and makes ordering so easy.

I highly recommend this product.

5 Stars - Beauty from inside out. Vastinah N on Nov 15, 26

I was given a 30 day trial pack of Zupafood Skin. I didn't know what to expect but given the wonderful results I had experienced with other Xtend-life products, I was more than willing to try it.

Living in a hot country, my skin lacked moisture and was dull. My hair was a mess, it lacked luster and was unmanageable. I spent close to an hour each morning trying to tame my Afro. Zupafood Skin is a savior, it has improved the health of my skin, hair and nails.

My skin is glowing, vibrant, and brighter. The few fines lines and visible pores I had are gone. Stretch marks are less visible. My hair has been tamed, it is stronger, lustrous and more elastic making it easier to style with minimal breakage.

My natural hair color has been enhanced too. My nails are stronger and glossier, so I can now grow them long. Thank you Xtend-life for the excellent customer service and products that combine both nature and science. You have a loyal customer for life!

4 Stars - Tastes Great Kyle B on May 17, 18

Great taste didn't notice any changes in my skin but I only used it for a month.

Thank you for your feedback Kyle. I am glad to hear you enjoy the taste of the Zupafood for SKIN, which is sourced from natural fruit extracts. As this supplement is naturally based it will work differently for every person and is designed to be used on a long term basis for the very best results. It may take time to see improvement to the condition of the skin. We generally suggest using this product for a minimum of two to three months, after which the results can then be judged. I encourage you to try the product for a bit longer and I hope that you would obtain positive benefits.

4 Stars - I know this product works Rebecca on Mar 16, 18

I have told friends and family how much healthier I feel since taking Zupafood Skin, my skin gets compliments so I know this product works. I am noticing more softness and smoothness to my skin.

5 Stars - Helps my skin Tedge M on Mar 17, 10

It tastes good, makes me feel good, have more energy. Definitely makes a difference to my skin which is now healing rather than deteriorating

Buy Xtend Life Zupafood For SKIN Now

5 Stars - That Glow Helen A on Oct 17, 09

After trialing this product for 3months, friends and family have asked what I use. They have noticed my skin fresh with that certain glow that everyone wants. This really works. I am absolutely amazed.

5 Stars - Love this product! Vy Pham on May 15, 08

I love the Zupafood for SKIN! It has helped my skin alot! I no longer have acne. Even though I take Total Balance Women's which another great product I found by adding in the Zupafood for SKIN that it has helped me sleep as well.

5 Stars - It does what is says Karen on Oct 16, 06

I love it! I really notice the difference. It has helped my skin to feel softer and not as dry. It is the first supplement that has really helped with the most obvious visible results

5 Stars - Renewed radiance Helen A on Jul 18, 06

Absolutely amazed with this product and will keep using it indefinitely. After my one month trial I have noticed a more even skin tone and glow and as a heightened bonus recently received a compliment (in a very long time) that I looked 20years younger by a stranger.

That was priceless. I no longer look and feel tired. Xtend-life is a brand I can trust and rely on. Thank You!

5 Stars - Great product, love the taste! Michelle N on Aug 17, 04

My hairdresser asked me what I have been doing, my hair was thicker and stronger that usual. My only change has been taking a Zupafood for Skin before I go to bed. My skin is looking great and the condition of my hair an added bonus, thanks Xtend-Life.

Xtend Life Zupafood For SKIN frequently asked questions

All Zupafood versions contain the special Xtend-Life 'Superfood' blend which contains organic fruit extracts including kiwifruit, grape seed and red grape skin extracts that are rich in enzymes and antioxidants for overall health support. The second part of the blend is Green Tea Extract to provide a natural and sustained energy boost. Thirdly, all three versions also contain Aquamin® TG Marine Calcium, a naturally sourced marine collagen, rich in calcium, zinc and iron, along with many other valuable minerals to support the entire body.

The GREENZ version contains an organic green superfood blend including chlorella, barley grass and wheat grass. This is valuable for supporting digestive health and encouraging a gentle detoxification of the body. This is the most basic and affordable option and best for those looking to support their digestive health and energy levels. The ELITE version also contains the green superfood blend, but with many other added ingredients for additional and more specialized support.

The SKIN version does not contain the green superfoods, but has ingredients specifically for enhancing the health of the skin from the within. Zupafood For SKIN contains a unique and naturally sourced Collactive™ collagen, rich in elastin polypeptides offering deep hydration to firm and nourish the skin. This product is recommended for those wanting targeted support to help reduce wrinkles, fine lines and uneven skin tone.

The ELITE version was developed for those wanting the optimal support and contains the largest array of ingredients; its slightly higher price reflects this. As well as the superfood base blend, it contains the benefits of the ingredients in both the GREENZ and SKIN blends. In addition, it includes a unique and high potency medicinal mushroom blend to support energy levels, cardiovascular health, immunity, the libido and to help fight the signs of aging. ELITE is the best choice for those wanting maximum benefits and that do not have budget concerns.

Buy Xtend Life Zupafood For SKIN Now

What are the benefits of the Collactive™ Marine Collagen and Elastin Polypeptides used in Zupafood For SKIN?

Collagen fibers form 70% of the total proteins found in the dermis. When collagen fibers cross-link - they give skin the tensile strength of steel, supporting this structure is vital for encouraging youthful looking skin.. Furthermore, elastin fibers help to create suppleness and elasticity to the skin. By combining collagen and elastin the perfect "dynamic duo" is created to support smooth, soft, strong and supple skin.

Can I take Zupafood For SKIN when I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

The simple answer is yes, because the majority of the ingredients are sourced from foods. However, due to the addition of numerous specialized ingredients that are not found in the GREENZ version, we would advise checking with your doctor first.

What are the main benefits of Zupafood For SKIN?

Zupafood For SKIN is the best choice for you if you are looking for the ultimate supplement to help nourish the skin and support 'beauty from within'. This product may help your skin to become more hydrated, supple and firm. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles may be reduced by supporting the collagen and elastin structure of the skin, which are playing a crucial role in causing the skin to appear aged and dull.

Is Zupafood a meal replacement?

No, some people may mix it with a smoothie and consider this a 'meal', however it is not designed to offer all the nutrients required as part of a balanced meal.

What is the recommended dosage for Zupafood?

The recommended dose of Zupafood is one sachet per day. However, if desired it is perfectly acceptable to have 2 or 3 sachets per day of any of our Zupafood products, combining the three varieties is also okay.

Can I use more than one Zupafood version at the same time?

Yes, you are free to use more than one Zupafood version at the same time, depending on your needs. For instance, you may wish to support your skin and therefore use the SKIN version once per day, to then provide support to the digestive system and detoxification you may then take one sachet of GREENZ per day as well. This would be a good option for those with budget concerns or who do not require the medicinal mushroom blend offered by ELITE.

Depending on your needs you may also use our Zupa Protein GREENZ with Banana in conjunction with the other Zupafood options. This is a great option for those that are looking to supplement their dietary intake of protein with a bioavailable, high-quality form.

Should I stop taking Total Balance or Multi-Xtra if I am going to start using Zupafood?

Although vitamins and minerals are a natural part of any whole food and are present in Zupafood, it cannot be considered to be a 'vitamin' as it is not possible to get all of the 'vitamins' you need in a food form. In order to obtain the ultimate array of vitamins and minerals that may be difficult to receive from the diet alone, we would certainly encourage you to keep using Total Balance or Multi-Xtra at the same time as Zupafood.

As our products are designed to be used safely and in harmony with one another there is no reason to be concerned about taking too much of a particular ingredient.

Is Zupafood For SKIN suitable for vegans?

No, this product contains an ingredient derived from fish. The marine collagen and elastin polypeptides are derived from fish skin.

Where is Aquamin® TG Marine Calcium used in Zupafood For SKIN sourced from?

Aquamin® TG Marine Calcium is extracted from a marine plant source that is rich in natural calcium, magnesium and 74 other trace minerals including zinc, iron, and selenium. Aquamin TG is produced from the red algae, Lithothamnion species - which is only found in three remote areas around the world, ours is sourced off the coast of Ireland. During its growth phase, these algae absorb essential minerals directly from the sea - giving Aquamin® TG Marine Calcium its unique and potent multi-mineral content.

directions / how to take

If desired it is perfectly OK to have 2 or 3 packets a day of any Zupafood products, and/or one of each.

Hold the packet at the top and shake it to get the ingredients to the bottom

Tear open the packet by the ‘cut’ below the left hand side top corner.

Tip the contents of one packet into the shaker

Add water, juice or your favourite beverage

Shake vigorously

Drink immediately while the ingredients are in suspension.


We have included below a copy of a typical Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for our Zupafood for SKIN product.

Please note that we produce our products regularly throughout the year. You can be assured that every bottle, from every batch will meet these exceptional standards, and it will be from a current, recently produced batch.

You will note that there are two columns which are headed 'Specification' and 'Results' respectively. The specifications are simply our minimum standard to which each batch of Xtend-Life Zupafood for SKIN has to conform, otherwise we would not release it. The results are the actual results from the independent laboratory that did the testing.

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