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Xtend Life Skincare
Deeply Nourishing Skincare for Healthy, Younger Looking Skin

The health, beauty and well being of your skin is at the heart of everything Xtend Life does. Across their unique range of products, they’ve united science and nature to provide you with powerful, effective, and deeply nourishing skincare that delivers proven results.

Xtend Life consistently strive to improve their product range, and their  formulations evolve as they do. In 2015, they surpassed all expectations with Kanapa™, a unique blend of high-quality plant-based ingredients.

Kanapa™ is clinically proven in their products to reduce the signs of aging, including a 33% reduction in wrinkles in just six weeks. You can read more about this powerful blend and its efficacy here.

Xtend Life's Absolute Commitment to Quality

Their skincare philosophy is all about uncompromising quality.

Xtend Life's skincare range is dermatologically tested and contains no parabens, allergens or other potentially dangerous chemicals. They believe animals should be protected, not harmed, which is why they are a Cruelty-Free company recognised by PETA.

Furthermore, many of their skin care products are also suitable for vegetarians. Xtend Life cares about you and their environment which is why they use only the finest natural ingredients, always ethically harvested, and their products contain no microbeads.

Xtend Life's results-driven skincare range has been designed with the utmost care to create a suite of products that deliver optimum care for your skin. They provide guarantee that you will not find more effective products anywhere, and they stand by their promise with their special no risk guarantee.

xtend life women's skincare

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We are affiliates of the Xtend Life company and brand/range of products.

This means that we are not employees of Xtend Life but are independent affiliates/marketers.

If you choose to buy these manufacturer-direct products, this will ensure that you prices are the lowest (direct, no additional costs related to rental and manpower, and fresh/new supplies).

When/if you choose to buy through our affiliate links, the merchant companies will reward us with affiliate fees at no extra cost to you (your cost remains the same) as part of their marketing budget.

We’re selective of the products we carry/recommend and have been personally consuming Xtend Life products since 2014. We've also met the CEO/founder Warren Matthews in person several times.

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