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NAQI Visage Supreme N°4

Outdoor Face Protection

  • Natural all-year-round face protection.
  • Formulated with Ectoin®, a natural protective substance that helps organisms survive extreme climatological stress.
  • NAQI® Visage Supreme N°4 provides the ultimate all-year-round skin protection for people with an active lifestyle.
  •  NAQI® Visage Supreme N°4 covers the skin with a protective film to keep it safe from environmental stress, heat, cold, wind and UV radiation.
  • It prevents and reduces skin redness and feeling of taut skin.
  • NAQI® Visage Supreme N°4 intensively hydrates dry and sensitive skin.


  • Apply before outdoors activity.
  • Use it as often as required.
  • Gently massage into the skin.

Dermatologically Tested

Ectoin acts BEFORE free radicals are formed. It reduces and inhibits  the oxidative stress impact on the cell and, at the same time, enhances the cell functions. As a result  the cell transforms into a better general condition. 

The anti-pollution activity of Ectoin is specifically based on :

  • the improvement of the skin barrier so that less particles can penetrate into the skin.
  •  the improvement of the cell functions  so that the skin is in a better condition and less sensitive  to stress factors . The skin's own immune system  is enhanced eg the Langerhans cells.
  •  the reduction and prevention of cellular and extracellular particle (PM and UP) stress due to the protection shells around the cells.

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