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NAQI Body Screen

NAQI Body Screen

Protection against chafing

NAQI® Body Screen protects the skin against friction caused by the following:

  • Skin contact between the legs, breasts, corpulence, etc.
  • Contact between the skin and clothing, shoes, prostheses.
  • Skin contact with body fluids in instances such as incontinence.

NAQI® Body Screen:

  • Strengthens the skin.
  • Improves the skin barrier.
  • Prevents and minimises skin irritations caused by friction.
  • Hydrates the skin.
  • Dermatologically tested.


To prevent problems caused by friction and to protect sensitive or moist skin, apply as sufficient amount of NAQI® Body Screen.

Repeat several times a day if necessary.


50 ml, 100 ml airless, 500 ml

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