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We're a husband and wife team of healthcare and rehab professionals, and ever since we became parents and started our own practice, we found that there is a need for high quality and good priced health, fitness and rehab products that our patients, friends, families and colleagues needed - that started NalcoRehab =D)

As trained and active hand therapist and physiotherapist since 2005 as well as running a chain of physiotherapy clinics, collectively our team has treated tens thousands of patients, we bring a unique skillset and experience to better handpick, select and market specific physiotherapy, rehabilitation and wellness products from around the world, such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand and more.

These products are selected base on quality and their function to aid rehabilitation, recovery, mobility and performance - it's what I've been doing since 2006, and I think my passion is just gonna grow from here =D

As we also run clinics and manage their procurement, we am also able to provide outsourced and customized procurement services for existing and start up clinics, gyms and schools to manage all their inventory sourcing needs (read more of our outsourced clinic procurement solution).

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Made from contoured foam plus side support wings provides medium firm spinal support to keep you sitting well.

Helps to correct / maintain good posture and decrease back pain too

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Easy and convenient solution to elevate the upper body or legs, helping to relieve the symptoms of back pain, hiatal hernia, snoring and uncomfortable reflux disorders.

Helps you sleep better too =)

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Foam rollers help provide all the benefits linked to deep tissue massage,  including myofascial release, relaxation and stress relief.

Use regularly to keep your muscles in tip top condition and performance.

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Sitting for prolonged periods at the office or home can lead to serious back pain. Protect and maintain proper spinal curve with this lightweight  Sitback Rest with mesh to keep you cool and comfortable.

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RockTape is a specific sports tape that has  engineered therapeutic elements, specifically for treating common sports injuries, as well as enhancing sports and mobility performance.

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Theraputty is also a wonderful and long-proven tool to aid in hand and arm rehabilitation. It have varied uses, from strengthening, to dexterity, to fine motor and more.

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Massage balls, also known as trigger balls, is a very simple yet handy tool that you can use in the self-management and self-treatment of two main problems: tight muscles and painful knots in your muscles (also known as trigger points)

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Bremed Electrical Heat Pack

Bremed Electric Heating Pad gently warms and relaxes various parts of the body.

Heat therapy helps to dilate our blood vessels, causing blood vessels to expand, causing an increase blood flow (circulation) to muscles, skin and surrounding tissues.

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We are moving to nalcophysio.com! There will be content discussing orthopedic and sports conditions such as back pain, knee pain etc. See you there =)