There Are Some Upcoming Exciting 2018 Changes To Nalco Group

Some of our clients and readers may have realized it, there has been some massive changes to our website here in Nalco Group, and this is aligned with the restructuring and organization, to prepare for growth and scale, in 2018 and beyond.

The previous goal of Nalco Group was to be a sort of a "collective" holding company for both our (Nigel and Louise) ideas and businesses but after some thought, discussions and reconsideration, we decided that we'd make it our family business.

Where we bring to life the life and business solutions that we come across, and to share and provide value to our clients from all around the world - and this excites us.

There is quite a number of Nalco Group's departments as per the left sidebar, which you can see the ideas and solutions that we have, and we are still looking for good people who can either help us grow that particular department; or to add more.

We will keep updating Nalco Group and communicating to you - anything, please feel free to comment below or get in touch with us.

Talk soon!

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