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En Pointe Care Orthotics Fitting

En Pointe Orthotics Fitting

En Pointe Orthotics (EPO’s) are fitted by accredited En Pointe Orthotic fitters only.

The best time to have your EPO’s made are when you are ready for some new pointe shoes. This will ensure that the pointe shoes correctly suit your individual foot shape and to accommodate an En Pointe Orthotic.  You will be able to have EPOs made into your current pointe shoes but please discuss this with your fitter prior to your fitting appointment.

A personalised En Pointe Orthotic consultation and fitting will take approximately 45-60 minutes. This is just an estimate as the complexity of the fitting will determine the appointment length. Your En Pointe Orthotics are available to take home immediately after your En Pointe Orthotic fitting. It is suggested that you leave the En Pointe Orthotics for 24 hours before dancing in them.

In Singapore, Louise (myself) am the only registered EPO Fitter, so if you live in Singapore, am passing through Singapore or want to have a fitting in Singapore, connect with me and we can arrange an appointment.

For more information:

  • For addition information including cost and payment.
  • To make an appointment for an EPO fitting
  •  To discuss if you are having the EPO’s made in your current pointe shoes or new pointe shoes.

If you have any other questions, they may be answered in the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) are

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