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En Pointe Care Contact

Have Any Queries? Contact Us At En Pointe Care

Do feel free to connect with us via

If you have any questions or queries about you/your student/children has any pains in their toes, feet and ankles (caused by en pointe work or not), or you are uncertain and want us to perform a physical biomechanical screening assessment prior to any en pointe/dance courses, programs and/or competitions.

Or if you'd like to just say hi - that's great too =)

Looking forward to connecting with you.

Louise Yow
Senior Physiotherapist & Founder, En Pointe Care

want to enquire or order?

Interested in any particular product and would like to know more or order for yourself/family/group?

Email me directly at nigel@nalcogroup.com and I'd do my best to serve you =)

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