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Aquasana AQ 4125 Replacement Cartridge for 4100 Model

Product Description

Introducing the2012 model Aquasana 4125.

Please note; our products are the very latest 2012 Aquasana filters featuring claryum filtration technology, please be aware of out of date products for sale on other websites.

Replacement filter for Aquasana shower filters AQ4100. Comes with easy-to-follow replacement instructions.

Two-stage filter lasts 6 months, reduces chlorine and VOCs, enhances pH balance, prevents soap scum build-up and provides the very highest-quality shower water.

Product Reviews

Aquasana AQ 4100/4125

Posted by Unknown on 31st Aug 2013 - 5 Stars

excellent product, using it for almost four years now.

buy aquasana with confidence

We have been personally using Aquasana water filters since 2014, and our entire family use it (including our babies and young children), and we are happy, confident and comfortable to share it with you.

We are affiliates of Aquasana, meaning that if you buy through our affiliate links, we get paid a small commission at no added costs to you. Buying through our affiliate link also means that you buy direct from the manufacturer, who will ship it directly to you - this means that you always get best price (no rental or staff or storage costs).

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